Welcome to the most powerful BMW ever. Introducing the all-New BMW XM Label Red

Welcome to the most powerful BMW ever. Introducing the all-New BMW XM Label Red

SkillanNaylor Car Company were very pleased to source and supplier the islands first and currently only brand New BMW XM Label Red.

The BMW XM is the first standalone BMW M car since the BMW M1 Supercar which was launched back in the late 70’s. The BMW XM is unapologetically modern. It is the halo for the entire BMW range and demonstrates what BMW is about in the 21st century.


High-performance is electrified: For the very first time an M vehicle is equipped with M TwinPower Turbo V8-cylinder petrol engine plug-in hybrid technology. The M hybrid drive stands for pure driving pleasure, superior power delivery and the distinctive M sound. Thanks to the virtuoso interaction with a 120 kW electrical machine, the 360 kW (489 hp) 4.4-litre V8 of the BMW XM thrusts forward unbridled – not least thanks to two turbochargers, fully variable Valvetronic valve control and high-precision injection. The system output of the BMW XM is 480 kW (653 hp). The new M Hybrid button on the centre console is used to select the desired operating mode for the drive system. Drivers can choose between HYBRID, ELECTRIC and eCONTROL modes. In fully electric mode, the BMW XM enables over 80 kilometres of purely electric and therefore locally emission-free driving.


More powerful, more exclusive, more extravagant: The BMW XM Label Red brings together an M HYBRID system with extra power and bespoke design accents that showcase its standout performance attributes to unmistakable effect. With a system output of 550 kW (748 hp), the BMW XM Label Red is the most powerful BMW M model ever made. The distinguishing features of the performance-maximising XM variant include an accent band in Toronto Red metallic, although a black accent band also can be specified.

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